Photographing Local Baby & Toddler Classes In Hertfordshire

As a mummy I’m always on the lookout for new classes and activities to try. A few weeks ago I found a lovely little class to take my daughter Amélie too, who is 18 months old.

It’s called Lovely Mudly Forest Tots and it’s held on Chorleywood Common in the Woods three times a week; 

Wednesday’s at 9:30 & 10:45

Thursday’s at 1:45

The class always starts off with a Teddybears picnic and a story. The children also get a little snack and a drink. Each week there are differences activities like building dinosaur dens, playing in the mud kitchen, treasure hunts, hide and seek, songs and lots more.

It’s lovely being out in the fresh air and the children absolutely love it.

Last week I went along and photographed all 3 classes which was great fun.

Chorleywood common is lovely and the woods are stunning. I absolutely love photographing children and families and this was the perfect backdrop.

My style is very relaxed and I like to blend into the background to capture the day as naturally as possible as it unfolds. I believe you get the best photos when everyone is relaxed and at ease.

After the class I did some portraits for the parents in the woods and got some fantastic photos.

It’s such a great time of year, the colours are beautiful and I love photographing using natural light.

Such a lovely couple of days and if you are local and looking for a new class to take your little one too definitely try this one.

Leila xxx


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